Shannon Maldonado describes herself as
“A Creative” meaning she's open to tackling a range of products.

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  • Project The Deacon
  • Year 2019
  • Star Sign Aries
  • WWW

The Deacon, a historic building (previously The First African Baptist church) was designed with creative reuse in mind as a place to gather, honoring the church’s ethos of community.

“The design creates deliberate tension with the decor—pairing a CB2 chair with Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly design, and a floor-to-ceiling mural of Julius Erving aka Dr. J mid-dunk next to the chicest black marble bathroom sink.”
-Domino Magazine


Shannon led Interior Design and all Creative Direction for the Deacon. The space has been a backdrop for weddings, sleepovers, workshops, community events, wellness retreats and everything in between. It has been featured in Domino, Philadelphia Magazine, and Condé Nast Traveler.


  • Project YOWIE
  • Year 2016-2020
  • Star Sign cancer
  • WWW

YOWIE seeks to create in-house products and collborations that compliment the artist made good we curate. Rooted in nostalgia, resistance and fun our products aim to bring joy and break rules while being accesible.

In Progress: Shannon is leading all Interior Design and all Creative Direction for Dye House working closely with artists and makers in the Providence community as well as award winning designers from RISD. The space will be a modern take on New England prep with an unexpected color palette, shoppable rooms, and meticulous details to inspire our guests.

This project is in progress and set to open Fall 2020 in Providence, RI.

  • Project ETHEL'S CLUB
  • Year 2019
  • Star Sign Aries
  • WWW

Ethel's is the first social and wellness club designed with people of color in mind. Inspired by the founder’s grandmother Ethel, a pillar of her community, their East Williamsburg clubhouse is designed to center and celebrate all who enter its doors.

“The space on its own is cool, airy, and welcoming—full of the kind of accents and patterns that make you wish you lived there.”
- Clever by AD


Shannon led Interior Design for Ethel’s Club. Throughout the design process, she wanted to call upon the idea of building on the legacy of past POC generations, making the space both inclusive and aspirational. EC has featured in Vice, Clever, Domino, and Forbes.